April 17, 2010

Recipe: Lentil Soup

Last Saturday, I finally managed to cook my favourite soup when I was in UK, well, when I was offshore particularly. It's called lentil soup. I had the recipe quite sometimes ago when I had training in BTC, Edinburgh. I asked the cook for the ingredients but couldn't really recalled it. I just remember the words lentil, carrot and onions, cooking with chicken stock... And when we migrate back to Malaysia, the recipe seems to be forgotten since well, Malaysia = great foods, so, do the maths!!!

Anyhow, when Faheem lost appetite because of fever and flu, my head aching just to think and figure what can I cook so my son can at least have a couple of mouthful 'something' in his stomach! I think I already try everything, just named it, McD, KFC, cheese to all the healthy options such as bread, rice, homecook chicken porridge, didn't seem to workout!!! I know he always fall for spaghetti, but teeettt!!!! Not this time Mummy!!! The only food that I can really sure fill up his stomach was ice-cream!!! But, I can't fill him with ice-cream every meal time right???

So, suddenly, the idea of lentil soup came across my mind. I's definitely a healthy option with a great taste. So, I googled for the recipe night before. After a few recipes, I came up with my own version of lentil soup...

(note: I don't really measure when cooking because I do believe cooking is from heart!!!)
- A cup of red lentil - soaked for 5 to 10mins
- Onions
- Garlics (I love to put extra because of the taste and the goodness in it!!!)
- Celery
- Carrots
- Potatoes
- Chicken Stock (pakai jer kiub ayam Maggi)
- Cumins seed, Fennel seed and Coriander seed
- Oregano, Black Pepper, Parsley, Salt (pakai apa yang ada jer kat dapur)
- Olive oil (pakai minyak biasa pun boleh!!!)
- Water

- Grind onions and garlic with cumin, fennel and coriander seeds.
- Heat up olive oil in pan and pour the stuffs inside.
- When the stuffs became yellowish, put 2 chicken cubes with water. Boil it up.
- Add carrots, celery and potatoes and continue boiling.
- Finally, add red lentils.
- Continue boiling until the lentils, carrots, celery are tender.
- Season it up with the oregano, black pepper, parsley and salt.

Too bad, before I managed to snap the photo, the soup was long gone!!! So, please google to get the idea how the lentil soup should look like!!! Another bad news, Faheem still refused to eat this soup. Finally we had to bring him to Pavvi for dinner. He seemed to enjoy the salmon carbonara spaghetti. Without the salmon though!!! Mahal sungguh selere Faheem!!! Hish!!!

p/s: According to Bob Harper from the Biggest Loser, red lentils are very nutritious and easyly to cook. Yup, it only took me less than half an hour to cook this soup. Red lentils are also known as kacang dhal merah.... For me, this soup is so suitable for kids because of its richness and good taste. I wonder why Faheem was rejecting it!!! Maybe I should cook it again when Faheem is having good appetite...

Selamat Mencuba....

April 15, 2010


tak ranting dekat sini..... Cerita-ceriti yang dah separuh dikarang dah basi laaa kan, sebab terbantut waktu Faheem demam bulan lepas.... Sadly, Faheem tengah demam lagi.... Tengah recover, semalam konon nak berentikan makan ubat sebab nampak macam dah okey, tapi, badan dia panas balik.... Ingat sebelum tidur nak bagi ubat lagi sekali, tapi macam dah okey pulak.... ke demam sebab taknak pergi taska??? Isk!!! Konpius aku!!!! Anyway, hari nie, aku plan tak nak bagi ubat lagi, hopefully dia okey....

Anyway, ni gambar-gambar Faheem ... Bukanlaaa the latest pun, tapi since aku tengah gigih mencari dan mengedit gambar-gambar si kecik nie, maka aku selit laaa kat sini.... Anyway, kalau laa ada yang membaca (kalau laaa ada) yang 1st 3 tue, mana lagi cantik eh??? yang colour ke, B&W ker, sephia????? Aku suka B&W tapi Sayang suka colour, or at least sephia....


p/s: banyaknya guna anyway... kalu buat karangan nie mesti dah kena potong markah!!!! hahhahah!!!
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