July 27, 2012

My Ramadhan's Iftar

Ye laaa... kalau nak kata cerita pasal Ramadhan, macam tak kena aje bila asyik duk cerita pasal makan. So,  kita cerita pasal Iftar.

As usual, on 1st and 2nd Ramadhan, we went back to our parents for iftar. Some more, it was weekend. So, memang sesuailah untuk orang yang malas masak macam aku!

Then, on Monday. We didn't manage to stock up any food in our kitchen yet since Sayang was working over the weekend. We only managed  to stock up the milk supplies for Faheem, that was it! So, left with no choice, we went over to bazar that evening. Planning to get the most delicious nasi ayam for its price, jadi, takdelah aku masak nasi, kan?. Little did I know, the nasi ayam van was relocate to the other bazar this year.

A bit frustrated actually! We finally end up with one whole ayam golek, some mix veges, tepung pelita and colourful drinks. Not to forget, the rice itself. We spent nearly RM30 for all this

So, we went home, heat up the food to make it as hommie as possible. Then, Strike #1, the thing that I hate most with tapau food. THE RICE! Usually, the rice is hard and difficult to swallow. Sometimes, it even comes in greyish colour! Ok, forget about proper dine in that definitely will cost you fortune. But. it's more about simple stall and even most of kedai makan Melayu/ Thai! Peliknya, when it comes to Mamak, their rice is always delicious to be eaten on its own! Agaknya, tu lah sebab orang kita suka pergi mamak! Same goes to our favourite nasi ayam van. The rice is so soft that you just can't stop eating!!!! Nasi keras, sangat potong untuk berbuka, OK?

Strike#2: Spending RM30 for berbuka on every weekdays is just too much , in my opinion. Raya is coming over and surely we need more money to balik kampung (despite the facts that we are KLians, we still need to melawat sedara mara!!!). So, suddenly on 3rd Randhan, during iftar, I kind of having epiphany! Hehhe!!

Suddenly, I feel excited! All sweet memories during iftar in UK keep lingering in my mind. We were very enthusiastic every iftar and challenge ourself with our favourite food that nowhere to be found there. We made murtabak, puding jagung, bawal sweet sour, even kuih tako, mee rebus, char kuew teow, nasi tomato, nasi jagung, lamb chop, paprik, masak halia etc! Our murtabak memang best seller lah kan during iftar program in Aberdeen. Not to mention, my sambal nasik lemak yang even been requested on 1 Syawal, to be eaten with lontong or nasik lemak itself. Ok, nie orang yang kata OK? Bukan aku syok sendiri!!! Seriously where are my mojo now???

So, on Tuesday, with RM50 in my purse, I went to the usual shop that Sayang goes every time he gets our kitchen supplies. Mind you, I hate going to pasar basah!!! That's the ultimate job for the guys in my family!!! I know type of fishes and veges, but never ever ask me untuk angkat and pilih-pilih ikan, or udang, or sotong or daging!!!! Kalau angkat untuk basuh simpan dalam fridge takpe! Sebab tu maknanya aku kasik mandi ikan tu sampai bersih!!! Tapi kat pasar, Oh NO!!! Yup, I'm penggeli that way!!!

I looked around that pasar segar. With some consideration with my limited budget, and after asking around the price of chicken poultry and meat, I decided to buy one whole chicken, half kilos of meat, eggs, onions, chillies, some spices and a lot of veges. Yup, I love veges, I always try to include veges in my main dish, besides the vege dish itself!

Then I went to the counter, while praying that the cost will not exceed RM50. And yup, it was only RM30. So I told the abang counter to hold the items first as I'm getting more items. So, I decided to buy more veges and prawns. All in all, my RM50 left with a few change.

That day, I made my family beef curry with eggplant and okra. And cabbages to as vege dish. On Wednesday, it was nasi tomato with ayam merah and acar nenas. Paprik campur for yesterday aside with kangkung goreng belacan.

I'm fully satisfied. RM50 for 3 adults (including my brother) for 4 days (including today) was not bad at all. The good thing as well, the food I cooked is enough to last till sahur. Well, sometimes with some addition of telur goreng or ayam goreng. I plan to venture food again during this Ramadhan. It's fun, it's good therapy. At least for me!

Bye bye pasar Ramadhan!

July 16, 2012

Our cars are costing us our homes?

Good article from The Star.

It's kind of true actually, duk kat UK, 1 hutang pun takdak! (ada pun, hutang kat Malaysia la sbb beli rumah kan?)

Balik Malaysia, rasa cam terhina sebab ada hutang!

Sedangkan, lifestyle dulu lagi OK! Gaji lak, kalu compare one-to-one, gross salary kt msia lagi tinggi! Nett salary? Of course lah kat UK lagi rendah sbb sah2 tax 40% kan?

So, konklusinya, msia mmg Sgt Mahal!


July 11, 2012

The Day I Join 3-Series Club!

Enuff said! Too emo to even write :p

Anyhow, I'm thankful enough to love, to feel love and to be loved!

And for the gift from Allah, my 4 years old 'bff', who received a lot of compliments from others since he was even a baby. Yup, it's quite easy actually to handle him, come to think of it! I'm so blessed to have him!

My Sayang, well, after 5 years of marriage, we still survive! So, nay bad, mate!

So, I'm welcoming myself to the club!

Even there are still things that I haven't achieve, yet! It's ok!

I'm still young! At least at heart! <wink>

July 10, 2012

Happy 5th Anniversary 7th Jul 2012

We went here for the anniversary. Not just us though, but with my in laws. Anyway, the more the merrier!
Hopefully, I have the energy to update.
May our love remains till eternity...

July 01, 2012


May the friendship lasts forever...
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