June 21, 2012


Routine route...
Sunset @ Pengkalan Balak...
I'm too 'chicken' for hot peri-peri!!!
Father & Son time @ Shah Alam's Library...
Cheeky boy...
My serabut workplace...
I always love photography (read: camera!) I had my 1st camera when I was 12, given by my uncle when I scored 4A in UPSR (well, I actually forced him to buy me something for the UPSR thingy)

I even involved in Photography Club when I was in Form 5!

I bought my 1st digital camera by using my scholarship when I was in uni.
1st thing I bought when I received my 1st salary from SLB was, of course, another camera!

When my camera broke in Egypt, sometimes in 2006, due to beach sand, I forced my fiancé (now is my husband) to fly me another camera since camera in Egypt was ridiculously expensive!

Then I rewarded myself for my birthday, the best camera phone for 2006, Sony Ericcson K800, later that year!

My camera got stolen during my wedding day, guess what? A week after, I got myself a new camera! This time, an underwater camera!

Then I bought my 1st interchageble lense camera back in 2009! (it was not a DSLR camera since it was a mirrorless technology camera!)

Sadly, it was stolen at Genting Highlands in 2010! I was sooo sad that time! In fact, I think my husband already banned us to go to Genting anymore!

But, that never stop my love towards camera! So my husband and I bought another mirrorless  technology camera, Sony Alpha A55 early 2011. And I love that camera sooo much!

To date, I owned a total of 7 cameras, bought 6 of them and lost 2 of them! I still have 2 of my cameras, and the rest are still being use by my parents and siblings (except the 1st one since it was a film camera)

Despite that, I have one huge probem, lack of passion! I love taking pictures, but that was it! Yet, photography is so much more than that!

The ultimate laziness, of course when it comes to editing. Sometimes, just a normal lame picture can turn to WOW! if you know how to tweak it.

When I lost my beloved BB, and was looking for another BB, I noticed that instagram has made available to Android. Definitely this has made me change my decision! I just don't like iOS (my personal preferences), so Android is perfect for me, especially with the instagram.

Thanks to Sayang, for this surprise, an Android phone! Honestly, I was shocked even my eyes covered with tears...

And with instagram, what I need to do, is just a simple snap and instagram will take care of everything else!
Ok, fine, my pictures might be not that wow, but who cares! I still love them!

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