July 07, 2009

Today on 2007

Hahaha, sulah genap lua taun wa kawen! Hari ni 07/07/2009, cam tak caya dah 2 tahun kahwin. Dah ada anak sorang pun. Skali-skala tengok gambar kat sebelah, rasa meremang gak aa bulu tengkuk. Masa tu gugup tak aa sangat, cuma konfiden tu kurang aa skit. Well, so far so good. Up and down tu biasa laa. Kadang2 memang sengaja cari pasal, baru harmoni, hua, hua, hua. Tak gitu sayang?!

She complete me... Cewah! Cam citer Jerry Maguire laks. Actually memang ada kebenaran di situ. I believe that no body is perfect. There is always a missing part. So, it's kinda selfish to say this, but, I need her to fill the missing part of my life. Why her? Aha, that is the miracle of marriage. I meet a lot of girl b4 her, honestly. People even called me a player (that is not so true! err, half true perhaps, lol). But with her, I feel that I can rule the world. Sometime she made me happy, and sometime she just drove me crazy.

The point is... there is none. I used the "missing part" theory bcoz she always ask me why I choose her. Well darling, it is not me who choose you, but God made me falling in love with you. I'm really really thankful, and bcoz of it I know that God still love me. Bak dalam cerita Cinta, "Isteri adalah anugerah".

Happy 2nd Anniversary Sayang! Muuaaahhhhh!

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